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Septic Services

Whether you are a home or business owner, trust Myers Septic Service, family owned and operated since 1970, to keep your septic system working effectively with our comprehensive septic services including septic pumping, septic installation, septic install, and septic repair.

What is a Septic System?

Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures that collect, treat, and dispose of sewage from rural and suburban homes and businesses. Septic systems are a permanent solution to wastewater produced in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. These highly efficient, self-contained, and economical structures include a septic tank and drainfield.

Buried in the ground outside the home or business, the septic tank is a watertight container designed with a liquid capacity based on number of bedrooms. As solids settle down to the bottom, liquid wastewater, better known as effluent, exits the tank into the drain field. The drainfield is a shallow series of trenches delivering treated wastewater to the soil. Effluent flows through the perforated pipes in the trenches onto porous surfaces allowing the wastewater to percolate through the soil. The soil treats wastewater for harmful bacteria and chemicals.

At Myers Septic Service, we provide professional installation and thorough maintenance to ensure your septic system is working properly.

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Septic Pumping

Allow our experienced team of professionals to perform routine maintenance on your septic tank to ensure things are running smoothly. Septic pumping is important and extends the life of your septic system by clearing out sludge, grime, and solids that accumulate in your tank.

Backups in toilets and sinks, flooding, and unpleasant smells are usually caused when the drainfield is overloaded with too much liquid. Avoid big, messy problems and call Myers Septic to maintain the health of your septic system.

Depending on the size of your tank and the number of people using your septic system, the number of years recommended between servicing your septic tank varies, but as a general rule, you should get your septic system drained every 3-5 years. With proper septic system maintenance and care, you can extend the life of your septic system by 30 years.

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Septic Inspection

Our technicians are licensed and trained to conduct thorough and honest septic tank inspections for residential and commercial properties. A complete septic tank inspection includes thorough inspection of all pipes, scum and sludge level check, and review of the drainfield condition. When we inspect a septic tank we will discover if any parts of the system are damaged, and it will also show if the system was installed properly.

Oftentimes, people call Myers Septic Services for a septic tank/system inspection when they’re buying a new house or building in the Rowan County region. Homeowners can increase the life of their septic system and avoid costly repairs by conducting regular septic tank cleanings. New home buyers and real estate developers can count on us to ensure the integrity of the existing septic tank system with a complete septic system inspection. Septic inspections aren’t just for people buying places– they’re also done by any property owner who wants or needs to know what’s happening with their wastewater.

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Septic Install

Whether you are building a new home or replacing an old system, Rowan County can count on Myers Septic for proper septic system installation that will last generations. Our highly-trained professionals have experience with all types of tank types, tank sizes, and drainfield locations. Myers Septic Septic Services are professional septic tank installation contractors that will ensure your septic system installation is done right the first time. We will guide you through our installation process the entire time to ensure that you are provided with the best updates and quality installation.

When installing a new system, it is important to consider the volume of wastewater moving through the building. Myers Septic Services will assess your home or business, the plumbing system, and the number of occupants so we can select the right system to fit your needs. We will not upsell you or recommend a tank that you don’t need. You will have the best type of tank for your home at the most affordable price.

At Myers Septic Service, we source the best, high-quality materials and install per manufacture specification. With a revolutionary improvement in plastic septic tank design, long-term strength, and watertightness guarantee, we look to Infiltrator. Infiltrator Tanks are lightweight, durable, and provide a faster installation. Every Infiltrator septic tank we install comes with a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Our concrete tanks are sourced from the best of the best, Shoaf Precast. Concrete septic tanks produced by Shoaf Precast are known for their superior strength, durability, and longevity.

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Septic Repair

If you suspect that your septic system is not working properly, fast action will prevent big problems from forming. Septic system issues can cause leaking, flooding, or create issues for the plumbing in your house. When people in Rowan County have a septic tank emergency they know they can trust Myers Septic. When your septic tank has an issue you are living on borrowed time. Rest assured, we will get to your house as soon as possible.  When choosing Myers Septic for a septic tank repair, expect quality products and a team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals.

Preventative care is better than reactive care, but unexpected issues can happen with your septic system despite proper maintenance, design, and construction. If you are experiencing septic troubles, including waste water backing up into your home’s pipes or foul-smelling pools of water in your yard, allow Myers Septic to assess and repair quickly. Our experienced professionals can diagnose the problem – big or small.

Excessive water use, poor maintenance, and the improper use of the septic tank can cause your septic system to fail. Prevent the worst-case scenario by limiting what you put down your drains (i.e. chemicals, paint, oil, and other such substances), conserving water, and calling Myers Septic for proper maintenance and repairs.

With proper septic tank maintenance, your home’s overall septic system should be in good working condition with a long-life span.

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Commercial Lift Station Pumping & Maintenance

Myers Septic has a staff of fully qualified professionals that are eager to help with the required routine pumping and maintenance for commercial lift stations. Our affordable maintenance service contracts prevent any buildups of solids or grease that can lead to damage to your pump station components. The team at Myers Septic Services are experts at trouble shooting any issue within your sewer system. We can install pumps, activation floats, alarm floats, and a control panel. All of the components must work together to properly function and prevent waste water from overflowing your lift station. Waiting too long between pumping and component maintenance can result in bulk wastewater spills, sewage backups, and other property damage.



Lift Station Maintenance Contracts
By-Pass Pumping
Installation of pumps, activation floats, alarm floats, and a control panel
Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Inspection

Stay ahead of these unnecessary problems, call the experts at Myers Septic Services today to ensure proper function and longevity of your lift station.

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Grease Trap Servicing

Myers Septic can dependably and professionally vacuum, pump, and haul the liquid waste and sludge from a number of liquid waste receptacles. Myers Septic Service is the preferred commercial grease trap servicing provider in Rowan and surrounding counties. Whether your business needs servicing every week, once a month, or quarterly, we are your trusted source for commercial grease trap servicing. We service several hotels, hospitals, restaurants, daycares, local colleges, and schools.

Grease traps in particular are important to keep functioning, especially if you run a restaurant or a business that requires heavy use of the kitchen. A grease trap will contain animal fats and vegetable oils in kitchen wastewater that flow through your plumbing system before they reach sanitary sewer lines. Myers Septic grease trap cleaning service thoroughly pumps your grease trap, eliminating the odor and safety problems associated with poorly maintained grease traps. This thorough cleaning means you’ll need your grease trap pumped less often, and there’s no accumulation of old grease, which can cause unpleasant odors.

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Grinder & Sewage Pump Services

Myers Septic Services offers emergency and non-emergency grinder pump repair and replacement. Sewage pumps are designed to move waste water from one component to another. A sewage pump can come in many applications, from grinder pumps located in a basement to effluent pumps located in your septic pump tank.

Myers Septic Services can upgrade your Grinder Pump to get it back in service as quick as possible with the reliability that you expect. We stand behind every rebuild or repair with our 100% workmanship guarantee.

Most pumps come equipped with an alarm or flashing light to indicate pump failure. Typically, a sewage pump has a warrantied life of 3 years but many pumps can last up to 10+ years! If you hear an alarm, don’t hesitate to call us quickly to prevent any problems before they occur. If you are unsure if your sewage pump has an alarm, we can also help retrofit the existing system to alert you before a problem arises.


Repair and Installation Services

Onsite troubleshooting
Sewage basin waste removal
Emergency service
Pump remove & replacement

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