Our luxury portable toilet trailer is a great option for businesses who are limiting the number of people entering their buildings to use the facilities while they are waiting. Guests will remember how comfortable and clean their experience was in any of the 4 available stalls. This portable toilet unit is sure to meet the needs for an upscale establishment, where traditional portable toilets would not suffice.


The portable toilet trailer has 4 stalls for use.


Restroom Trailer Features:

Our luxury portable toilet trailer has many features that traditional porta potties lack.

  • Running water

Each stall of the portable toilet trailer has a sink with running water. When the handle is pushed down, the water will begin to flow until it automatically cuts off when the handle returns to the top position. This allows for your guests to wash their hands with actual soap and water, rather than hand sanitizer that comes in a traditional porta potty.

  • Flushable toilets

In addition to running water for the sinks, each stall also has a flushing toilet. When your guest steps on the side lever of the toilet, the waste is disposed of in a safe, sanitary matter. This also enhances the experience of the users by preventing any foul odor that may be associated with traditional porta potties.

  • Electric lights

The portable toilet trailer also comes equipped with working overhead lights. This is perfect for outdoor events held in the evening that may need additional lighting features for guests. In addition to the overhead lights, each door of the trailer also displays a colored light to signify if the stall is currently in use or vacant. These exterior lights are triggered when the door is locked or unlocked.

  • Air Conditioning & Heat

A standout feature of the portable toilet trailer is that it has air conditioning and heat, whereas a traditional porta potty does not. This allows your guests to be comfortable while using the trailer.

  • Bluetooth speakers

The portable toilet trailer comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that plays through all four stalls. You can create a custom playlist to play on repeat to enhance the experience of the users. The speaker and radio can be accessed through the control panel door that is located on the back side of the unit.

  • Paper products provided

Paper products like toilet paper and paper towels are included with your rental. If refills are needed, they will be provided on an as-needed basis for all four stalls of the trailer.

  • Soap

Soap is provided with the portable toilet trailer and refilled when needed. The soap will be provided for all four stalls of the trailer. When compared to traditional porta potties that only have hand sanitizer, or an exterior sanitizing station, your guests will be sure to enjoy this enhanced experience.


An interior shot of one of the trailer stalls.


Clean. Reliable. Trusted.

Onsite delivery and set-up are included when you confirm your rental. Each stall is serviced and cleaned weekly to comply with CDC guidelines, or you can create your own preferred cleaning schedule upon request. The unit can be powered by a normal electrical outlet within 60 feet of the trailer location, or a generator that can be mounted to the front. This allows you to park the trailer wherever is most convenient for you and the needs of your guests.


There is space for a generator and also an extension cord to power the trailer.


Why Should I Rent This?

Our luxury portable toilet is perfect for medical facilities who are limiting the number of people in their buildings. This serves as a clean, sanitary option for guests to use while they wait outside.

Distribution centers can also benefit from the luxury portable toilet trailer. Typically, in large spaces like distribution centers, additional services may be needed due to the higher number of employees.

Outdoor events become more common in the fall season when pumpkin patches and fall attractions open. Rentals for traditional porta potties increase during this season and are only available on a first come, first serve basis. The portable toilet trailer is a great option for your fall event to ensure that your guests have a restroom option if traditional portable toilets are not available.

Weddings have changed this year to protect the health and safety of all. This means that many weddings were moved outdoors to place more separation between guests. The portable toilet trailer is a fantastic option for outdoors weddings or receptions where guests can not enter an indoor facility. The trailer is clean and perfect for guests in more formal attire.


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